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I noticed I didn’t have to submit a credit card, how will payment be made & collected?

  • The E/One store front allows you to pick and choose what parts or replacement pumps you would like to buy
  • Once you have clicked the acknowledge button, your order is earmarked for order placement
  • Your local E/One Authorized Distributor will be alerted and will contact you to take payment and fulfill the order

How will I receive my parts or replacement pumps?

  • The E/One Authorized Distributor will provide shipping services, pick up and/or delivery
  • Additional charges may apply

What if I need to return a part?

  • Any potential return should be discussed through your local Distributor

Is there a warranty on any parts or replacement pumps?

  • For warranty information contact your local Authorized E/One Distributor

How can I get details about my local Distributor?

  • Click on find a Distributor for contact information including website, email and telephone details

How do I find out about installation services and/or additional product detail?

  • To inquire about installation or request additional services, please visit find a Distributor
  • Once on that page, please phone or email your local Distributor
  • Click here for product manual information

Can I ship to Alaska or Hawaii?

  • Yes, please locate the E/One Authorized Distributor in Hawaii on find a Distributor and place your order

Can I ship outside of the Domestic United States?

  • At this time, replacement parts and replacement pumps are only sold in the USA
  • Please go to find a Distributor and contact the E/One authorized Distributor for the country or region of choice

How do I make and verify payments?

  • The E/One Authorized Distributor is responsible for taking all payment information

Why don't you show all of the products in the online store front?

  • The E/One store front is for replacement parts and replacement pumps only.  Some E/One products are an engineered solution and require a certified engineer to analyze and design
  • Contact your local Authorized E/One Distributor if you cannot find what you are looking for on the Store Front

Can I confirm that my order was placed successfully?

  • After you finalized your order you should have received an auto generated email confirmation
  • Additionally, after you finalized your order, you should have seen an Order Confirmation page. If you saw that page, the order was successfully submitted. If you did not see that page or don’t remember it, the next way to know your order was successful is by contacting the Authorized E/One Distributor in the find a distributor section.
  • Finally, the local E/One Authorized Distributor will have received an alert of your order and will be in contact within 1 business day to confirm your order, collect payment and determine delivery or pickup details

How do I check my order status?

  • Click here to check your order status
  • Call your local E/One Authorized Distributor

How can I track my order?

  • Click here to find your order confirmation details  
  • Contact your local E/One Authorized Distributor for fulfillment information

How will my information be used?